PLEASE SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR GOD’S MESSAGE IN THE HEBREW ALPHABET. (Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet came from a symbol or word picture, and has a meaning. When you put them all together, you have God’s plan for us. How amazing!)


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My goal is to teach Jews, Christians, believers, and non-believers the language of our Lord and Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). God used Hebrew language to create the universe, and God used it to speak to Moses.


Teaching experience:
I am a public school teacher in middle school in the Paradise Valley School District. I teach band.
I have been teaching Hebrew for 15 years now.
I have taught many classes and bible study groups since I have accepted Yeshua as Lord and Savior of my life!
I have a bible study at our home weekly with friends that I have met in church who love the Lord and want to find out more about Him.

I have read through the entire bible over 29 times, and I try to apply what I read on a daily basis at work, at home and with everyone I meet. I have read the whole Tanakh/O.T. in Hebrew 8 times now, and am in the process of reading the N.T. in Hebrew for the 3rd time.
I have done prison ministry for 25 years (10 in Massachusetts with men and 10 with kids at Adobe Mountain Detention Center on 1-17 north of Phoenix, and 5 in North Carolina.) I have brought hundreds and thousands of men and kids to the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit in me; it is not I but the Lord speaking in and through me!
I have seen and experienced many miracles in my life due to my faith in God and Jesus who can do it all including a man with a brain tumor and another with a tumor in his intestines; please remember it is not me that heals, but the Holy Spirit in me; the credit is all His!

I use what I have learned in the Tanakh in Hebrew Class to reveal many words, names and meanings that would normally be skipped right over.

I teach and provide all materials free of charge; all I ask is that you devote 15 minutes per day to your studies!
I have recently started to use HEBREW WORD PICTURES; I use a book that shows where the Hebrew Language comes from and that shows that each and every letter has a meaning due to the word picture from which it comes.
I bring the love of the language and the depth of this meaning to the class when I teach, to make it very exciting and meaningful, opening up the true meaning that God intended when He wrote it and spoke it to Moses and our forefathers!
I took two semesters of Hebrew at the Phoenix Seminary, and I studied the 3rd semester information on my own. I got an A and an A+. I learned 900 vocabulary words and I know many, many more words thanks to my translating the Tanakh from Hebrew to English when I study.

Religious background:
I was born and brought up in the Jewish faith and bar mitzvah on June 4, 1960.
I was offered a full scholarship to be a rabbi when I was a kid, but chose to go into music instead. I graduated from the Boston Conservatory of Music in 1965 with a Bachelor of Music Degree.
I accepted the Lord on the eve of my 25th birthday. This is almost 45 years ago now. WHAT AN AWESOME TRIP!!!
The Lord led me to put up this website 13 years ago. Please pass this site information on to others who might enjoy or benefit from it…everyone!

I have distributed hundreds and hundreds of copies of one of the pages that the Lord led me to write and post called FREE TICKET. It is loaded with O.T. prophecy about the Messiah from the Tanakh, and it also gives the saving message on the other side. This was a vision from the Lord. WHEN THE LORD SPEAKS TO ME, I MOVE!
I go on the Jewish and religious chat rooms to tell the world about our Messiah. I have brought both Jews, non-believers, and Muslims to the Lord on the chat room.
I use a lot of information from the PROPHECY PAGE on my website when I tell people about our Savior.
Presently, I am a Messianic Rabbi, and we have weekly Bible studies, services, and ministries that we do to reach out to the poor and needy in our community. We need to put the Word into action, and not just read it and discuss it.

Books and Materials and the Hebrew Class:

All the materials that I use for the class, I have put together over the years.
The cost for the class is totally free of charge. The only cost in your time, 15 minutes a day, mandatory! I have put together a 10-week course. You will learn the alphabet. You will learn how to read and pronounce the Hebrew language. We read out of the Tanakh, in Genesis, and I will teach you how to translate at least the first chapter of Genesis during this course.

I would love to come and talk to you about the class, and even talk to your congregation so they can see firsthand what the class is all about  (in and around Lumberton, N.C., where we live.

I can also tailor-make a class or short series of classes for you. It can be an hour overview or more; it’s all up to you. I can also share with you some Hebrew words and passages so you can see why Hebrew is so important to know.

I am always available to speak to and help you with any questions you might have with the original text in the Hebrew Bible, so you can see what God originally intended.

Y’vorech’cha Adonai v’yish’merecha! May the Lord bless you and keep you!

Your brother in Christ, Dave



God’s Purpose in the Hebrew Alphabet: (The Hebrew letter is on the left, and the meaning of God’s message reads down. The words in parentheses help to clarify the meaning. The block in the middle is like an interjection in God’s plan to thwart Satan and his plan, and then the message continues with “life” after the block in the middle of the message. Enjoy!)

א The strong leader (God)
ב of His) house
ג lifted up
ד the way
ה to reveal
ו to secure,
ז to cut off,
ח (and) to separate
ט the snake,
י the work
כ of the hand
ל of authority (of)
מ chaos
נ life;
ס to support (and)
ע to see
פ the word,
צ to desire, (from)
ק the least (to)
ר the greatest, (and)
ש to consume
ת the covenant.