This is the link to Youtube, where you will be able to view a half hour video that I made, telling you about our congregation and in what we believe. Just go to and in the search bar, put in the following:

“Shalom Beth Simchat Adonai”

(This means: Peace/Hello, House of Joy of the Lord – this is the name of our congregation).


The following links may or may not still be in operation. If they do not work, at least you will have some idea of what you could search for to enhance your search for knowledge!

Below is a list of links to sites that I thought you might enjoy or use in your quest to know Yeshua (Jesus) our Lord and Savior even better.  Along with each link is a brief description of each site to help you find what you are looking for.  You can just click on the link to get there.  Enjoy!


Roman History:  This was written at the time that Jesus lived by Romans who experienced Him and His miraculous life.

Quotes are given by Roman dignitaries who marveled over what Jesus did and accomplished.  They say that He is the Messiah, describe the crucifixion and Jesus’ rising from the dead.


Rabbis Who Believed:  Six rabbis explain why they turned to Jesus.  The main point being that Jews who believe in the Messiah are not just ignorant of scripture and receive Him with blind faith (this site was sent to me by a new Christian brother from Tucson).


Wildbranch Ministries:  This site is put together by a Messianic Jew who has put much time and effort into quoting many scriptures that will help Jews, non-believers and believers alike to get to know prophecy and the Jewish perspective better. The message is also written in Spanish.  Greek and Jewish perspectives give a well-rounded view of Jesus and what the society was like that He grew up in and ministered to.


TNN (Tribulation News Network):  Much of the message and scripture tell of the end-times, tribulation, the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, the coming of the anti-Christ and the Second Coming of Jesus.



The Signs of the Messiah:  Parallels between a new Dead Sea Scroll Fragment (4Q521) and the early New Testament gospel tradition.


Jesus – The Evidence:  Evidence of the resurrection, miracles, and scriptural proof through fulfillment of prophecy that the Messiah came in the Person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Talmudic Evidence of Jesus:  Proof that Jesus was the Messiah, written by rabbis and documented in the sacred writings of the Jewish Talmud around 30 A.D.  Incredible stories of what happened in the Temple in Jerusalem!


The Spirit of Islam:  How the prophet Mohammed and God in the flesh (our Lord and Savior Jesus) compare.  What makes a prophet a prophet, the importance of miracles and the ability to perform them.


Jesus in the Quran:  The Islamic perspective of Jesus and what they say about Him and His divinity.


Apparitions of Mary:  Magnificent pictures and commentary of many apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Zeitoun, Egypt as recently as 1968-1970.  These events actually took place in our lifetime (if you are as old as I am!).


Prophecy Watch:  Many prophecies of the end-times, and what must happen at the Temple Site where the Dome of the Rock mosque is now located, before Jesus returns.  The Mount of Olives, the Temple site, is where Abraham brought Isaac to sacrifice him to God.  No wonder why this site is so sacred!  (Keep watching in the news for what is happening here.  In our local paper, about 2 years ago, there was an article on the Dome of the Rock, and it said that the walls were crumbling, nobody knew why, and that they couldn’t stop it.)

________ is a link to a wide variety of related sites (religious and other).

________ is a link to a site about Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah.

________ is a link to a site about Jesus’ going to hell right after He was crucified and resurrected. 

________ is the link to the site where the NAMES OF GOD web page came from.



    Simply type in an interest of yours in the search bar on your homepage on the internet and find out all the proof in the world that Jesus was the Christ, performed miracles, came back from the dead and is coming again for you and for me.  Remember:  REPENT, BELIEVE AND BE BAPTIZED.  Spend your life living like Jesus and loving your fellow man and woman. 

    In much love through Christ our Lord and Savior…Dave.