We have a wonderful 14 year old son.  He is so loving and we adore him.  My wife and I were watching a movie this weekend and there were two loving parents who lost both their children in a car crash.  At the end of the movie I was thinking how I would feel if we ever lost one of our children.  It was a horrible feeling.  Just then our son came to give us a hug and kiss good night (as he always does.)  I stood up to give him a hug and kiss good night and started to sob on his shoulder.  I told him that we had to take a walk around the neighborhood.  He asked what was wrong.  I told him that we had to talk.  He was more than willing!  I told him that I have been waiting for him to turn 14 so we could be soul mates and do lots of things together.  I told him that this wasn’t happening.  He has his video games and I have my sports.  I told him that I felt that I have been failing him, because I just didn’t seem to be doing  much with him.  He told me that he felt that he was failing me, because he wasn’t living up to my expectations.  I told him that I didn’t have the answers and he said, “Let’s pray about it!”  We stopped and prayed.  We asked the Lord to help us and each other.  We asked the Lord to give us ideas on how we could do more together.  We didn’t ask for anything in particular, because we didn’t know how to fix the problem.  We walked and talked.  We sat on the curb and expressed our feelings.  I told him that I thought he was a wonderful boy and that I just couldn’t ask more from him.  I told him that he has turned out to be more than I could ever dream of or hope for in a son.  He is an excellent student and very loving son.   I wanted to make sure that he knew and believed that!  He told me that he thought that I was a wonderful dad.OUR SON

    We asked each other what we would like to do together.  He asked if we could go bowling, and I said that this would be a good idea.  I asked if we could make a time to talk each day.  He said that when we got home from school would be good.  I asked him if he could help me learn to draw like he does.  I told him that it would be a miracle if he could teach me, especially since I have trouble with stick figures!  He said he would be glad to take on the challenge.  We drew today.  It was fun.  I got totally engrossed in the project we were working on (drawing in perspective, like things are disappearing into the distance).  Before I knew it, I was late for an appointment that I had.  I was totally into it.  We had a great time sharing.  I am looking forward to having a new life and  a new chance to know my son.  Thank you Jesus for helping us.  What a miracle!


(from previous marriage).

    My 23 year old son moved from Massachusetts to Philadelphia a few years ago.  I invited him to visit us in Arizona several times and even offered to pay his plane fare.  A few weeks ago he called and asked if he could come and visit during spring break.  This has been a prayer answered.  Even though it was a long time in the making, it is so great and so sweet that he is coming.  Thank you Lord for answering this prayer.


Miracles?  What are they in the first place?  A miracle is a divine intervention that God gives us, and does in and through us, that can’t be explained under normal circumstances! 

MIRACLE #1:    At our bible study, a couple of months or so ago, one of our friends came down with colon cancer.  We laid hands on him and prayed over him.  He is going through chemotherapy and radio-active implants also, but the doctor couldn’t understand how he is almost totally free of any trace of cancer now!

MIRACLE #2:   The same person was not feeling well, and was tested for major bone loss due to poor circulation in his hip area.  We laid hands on him again and prayed for him and asked the Holy Spirit to heal him.  He came back after retesting and the test showed that he only had one spot left, the size of a nickel and that all else was okay and totally normal! 

MIRACLE #3:    My wife has had headaches for years and years and years.  We laid hands on her and prayed.  She is now almost totally without headaches!  Praise God!

MIRACLE #4:    One of the guys in our class at church has had chronic back pain for 15 years or so and I was asked to lay hands on him and pray over him.  This was a couple of months ago.  I asked Him last week how he was doing, and he said that HE HAD NO PAIN AND THAT HE WAS OFF ALL MEDICATION.  Praise God!

MIRACLE #5:    …in process…    A guy from our Jewish Roots class at church has colon cancer and had an operation.  He was told that the cancer has spread throughout his body and lymph node system and that he doesn’t have long to live.  I laid hands on him and thanked God for healing him in advance.  This is what faith is all about!  We are expecting another miracle.  Please pray for him.  God knows who he is!  Just ask for a healing from his cancer!  He is now eating and walking around and feels much better.  He lost 70 pounds and has gained a couple back.  We are expecting him to go home soon and eventually, shortly we hope, to join us back in class and church and give his witness to the healing power of the Lord, our God, Yeshua (Jesus Christ), our great Lord and Savior of the World!  This man has truly given his life to God now as a result of this cancer.  It’s funny what God will allow us to go through to bring us to our knees!




The first miracle is the most important one.  It has affected my life and me more deeply than any of the other miracles.  I have been blessed with a very beautiful, loving and caring wife.  I worship the ground she rollerblades on, because she is a blessing from God.

About 7 months ago we started giving Jesus more time, by reading the bible and praying together and the miracle unfolded.  She gave me the greatest gift that I could ever ask for, a bible that we could read together daily.  It’s not that I don’t have any bibles, because I have several different versions.  We don’t read it every day, but we do read and pray more now.  We are still working on that. We started hiking, walking, biking, praying, reading scripture, rollerblading, talking and even communicating.  That’s not easy for us guys, but like I said, Jesus does work miracles.  We truly adore each other now.  We love the Lord and what He is doing in our lives, and we want to keep getting closer and closer to Him and each other.



    He is our wonderful son.  He is 13 and a teenager, but he is still extremely loving and caring.  He is growing and growing, not only in stature but spiritually.  He loves us and kisses us all the time.  He adores his mother.  Her pet name for him is her LBB (little baby boy).  Well, he isn’t very little any more.  She is starting to call him her BLBB.  By the end of summer he will probably be taller than her.  He is still, and will probably always be, a very loving and caring person, like his mom.  He is God’s gift to us.  We keep thanking God for him as we watch him grow into a fine young, Christian young man.  Thank you Lord for him.



    We have two older sons and daughters and 7 grandchildren, with one more on the way.  They are all such a blessing to us. We miss them so much, because they are on the other side of the country.  We visit them every summer and they come out to visit us, but it’s never enough.  “Family” is a miracle, just to see them grow and mature into adults and watch our children have children of their own, who are so precious.  Thanks, kids!  We love you and miss you!  See ya soon.



    I just spent a wonderful week with a dear friend that the Lord gave me around 34 years ago.  We met in a most peculiar way.  (The Lord has a weird sense of humor, if you haven’t noticed yet.)  I was playing in a parade with my band director-friend with his high school band.  When we were done, we were going back into the school.  My tenor sax was slung over my shoulder, with the cap off of the mouthpiece, which I never do (the cap protects the reed).  “My friend” came up behind me and honked on MY SAX.  What a nerve.  I gave him a stare that would have put superman’s x-ray beam to shame.  We became close friends quickly, since we were both going to the same church, as was the band director, who was the church organist.    My friend was on business out in Phoenix so we invited him stay with us.  We talked and ate and hiked a mountain (I think I almost killed him).  I hadn’t seen him and his family for around 10 years.  What a wonderful reunion.  Thank you Lord and friend for a great time!



    I was putting in a play set for our son, and a fence around it, and did some major damage to my back.  I ruptured 4 discs, one majorly and the others minorly.  When it first happened my back was spasming so badly that I couldn’t even get up off the floor.  My friend came over, who is a chiropractor and a member of the church choir, and worked on me and helped me so I could get up.  I had an MRI done, which showed the problem.  I called my doctor and he said that the news wasn’t good.  I was in a wheelchair to get around school because there was so much pain in my legs.  I asked many of my friends to pray for me and I did the same.  My back started to get better every day. All of a sudden I didn’t have any more pain.  The doctor said that I should be in a great deal of pain.  I asked the doctor if there was any reason why the pain was gone except for the prayers of many and the healing power of God.  He couldn’t understand it.

    I still have to be careful and do exercises to keep my back in top shape, since I am very athletic, but there is still no pain.  Praise God.  Jesus is still caring and healing!



    I am a band director.  Thanks to the miracle of my wife, my whole demeanor is changing.  I was so excited about starting school this year because our summer together was so great and loving.  I wanted to see how this was going to affect my relationship with my students.  Well, it did.  I was more caring and loving toward them.  The discipline problem was all but gone.  The kids are great and we have a much better relationship with each other, now.  I told them that they helped me accomplish something that I had never been able to accomplish before, a good working environment, filled with love and caring.  I thanked them from the bottom of my heart and meant it.

    I had an evaluation from my elementary school principal in December.  He told me that I am a master at what I do, but I just don’t smile a lot.  He said that it took me 10 minutes during the evaluation just to crack a smile.  I told him that I had always been like that, ever since I could remember.  I have always wanted to change that about myself, so I told him that I would put a big sign in the back of the band room wall that read CHILL.  He came in to check up on me and it wasn’t up yet.  I apologized and put it up as soon as he left.  I try to walk around, now, with a smile on my face.  You would be surprised how much I have changed.  I have to work hard on this one, since it has been a life-long concern.  He told me that I had to be a kinder and gentler person.  I agreed.  It’s funny, because one of my favorite verses (Galatians 5:22) says that this is some of the fruits of the Spirit.  He said that he would be my mentor, to help me attain that goal.  I thanked him for his honesty, time, concern and effort.  Things are going great.  I still catch myself not being as bright and cheery as I should be, but I also notice myself being much nicer, kinder and gentler toward my students.  I told the kids about this goal and they are helping me to meet it as well.  I told them that my next goal would be to eliminate the stress of the concert at the end of the year around concert time.  For you performing arts teachers, I know you can relate to this.  I really like myself a lot more these days, and I am sure that the kids do, also.  Thanks for helping me, everyone.  We make an awesome team.  How can you lose with all these people working for you and with you?!



    I was rollerblading sometime around November of 2001.  I was thinking very hard on how I could improve the discipline in the band at the middle school.  I wasn’t watching where I was going, and I caught my right front wheel in a groove in the street.  I went down like a ton of bricks.  I scraped my left arm up real bad and was bleeding profusely.  I wasn’t very far from home, so home I went.  I had a pain in my right knee that wouldn’t go away.  If I put any pressure on it at all, it would hurt.  I finally made an appointment with a specialist.  He took a look at it and had me get an x-ray and an MRI.  It showed that I had some torn cartilage.  I waited to set up surgery, hoping that it would heal and go away.  No such luck.  I set up surgery for the 25th of March.  Thanks to his being such a great surgeon and the healing power of the Holy Spirit, I was hiking the Grand Canyon three weeks later with no pain whatsoever, and it is still doing just great.  Thanks doc and Lord.

    The Lord gives us gifts so we can help each other.  He works in and through us.  We are Jesus to one another.  We can all heal and help.  Just being there to be or help a friend is a true gift from God and a real blessing.


There are so many more miracles that God has worked in my life, but I want to give you a chance to share yours with the readers of the web site.  Please email your miracles and I will post them on the GUEST MIRACLES page of the site.  Our witness to God’s saving grace is another way of giving God’s gifts to one another.  The bible is great and showing how He works in our lives is a true gift.  I would love to hear your witness and what the Lord has done for you.  God bless you, always!