God is still working in my heart and my mind, and has given this to me to tell you (my Jewish brothers and sisters).  This may sound very weird to you BUT:

DO NOT CONVERT – Yeshua/Jesus didn’t, and I haven’t either!

    Many people have said to me over the years, “So, Dave, you have converted!” but I say, “No, I have not converted, I have COMPLETED, in YESHUA!”

    Does this sound rational after all this?  Did God’s Word just prove to you that Jesus (In Hebrew, Yeshua, which means Savior) Christ (in Greek, Christos, which means anointed one) is the Savior for nothing? 

     Did God ever tell His chosen people to change religions and worship another God?  No, of course not!  But He did tell us that He would give us a New Covenant and a Messiah who had to be Jewish!

    So what do you do NOW???

  1. Still worship in Hebrew!
  2. Still wear your tallis, tiphilim,  and yarmulke!
  3. Still celebrate the Jewish holidays!
  4. Still go to Shabat services and Oneg Shabat (can’t give up those pastries!)
  5. Still do the Horah!
  6. Still worship Elohim!
  7. Still sing the Shema!
  8. Still be Jewish……………………….and
  9. Worship the Messiah that God sent to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Still have a Pesach (Passover) Seder!  Did you know that Jesus’ last meal was a Seder?  He was still Jewish and doing all of the above!

    Have I lost it or what?  Am I mashugah (crazy)?  Oy vay!

    Have you ever heard of a Messianic Jewish Congregation?  That’s what they do!  They haven’t given up their Jewishness or religion!  They do all of the above and worship the Messiah as well.  I hope this is comforting news to you and not distressing.  There are Messianic congregations springing up all over the place.  Try it…you might like it!  What do you have to lose?  You won’t lose your Jewishness!  What do you have to gain?…ETERNAL LIFE AND GOD’S PLAN!

    To be fair to the many, many wonderful and spirit-filled churches out there, joining a good scripture-teaching church is a great way to go.  I have gone to several churches and I finally found a Christian/non-denominational church that I can grow in and be fed in!  Almost all of my dearest and best friends are a result of people who I have met in church over the years and have come to know and love dearly.  Make sure you find a church that sticks to the Word of God and not man’s wisdom, because man’s wisdom is”folly” to God.  Let’s face it, God is the ultimate source of knowledge and wisdom!  ENJOY YOUR PATH TO FINDING THE MESSIAH, A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GROW AND BE FED, AND A BODY OF FELLOW BELIEVERS WHEREVER YOU MAY GO! 

Well, you made it this far.  You must be exhausted by now.  I have really enjoyed searching my memoirs, and spending hours and days putting this together for YOU.  Let’s face it; nobody else matters in all of God’s creation like YOU do.  This one’s for you.  I love ya!  And so does God.

If any of this upsets you.  You could write to me and I could take it off this web site…but, I don’t think I could talk God into taking it out of the Holy Scriptures or out of the Bible, His Holy and perfect Word, if you know what I mean.  (Take a look at Revelation 22:18).  God’s Word, the last paragraph in the Bible, tells us not to add or take away from His Word, for if you dare to, you will lose your place in the book of life.  I guess God wants us to cherish His Word and not to change it, and believe in it with all your heart, soul, might and mind.

YOU are awesome.  God made you that way.  I hope to see you in Heaven some day.  This is why I dedicated this site to YOU.



   That’s God’s simple plan.  Enjoy the life God has given you to the fullest.  Follow Him and you will!

    Remember…the closer you get to God’s Word and become a “doer of the Word”, the better your life will be right here and now on earth.  As it says in the LORD’S PRAYER, “They Kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!” 

    Love…forgive…help the poor, the needy, your family and friends and  everyone (even your enemies! or those who don’t think you are great.  Obviously they don’t know you well enough yet!)  Be Holy!  Be Blessed!                                           

        Your brother in Christ.