Why Jesus?

Jesus Christ vs. world religions

    Jesus was prophesied to be the Messiah of the world.  The whole world knew he was coming, including the 3 kings in the Christmas narrative.  (Is. 9:6)

Jesus healed the:

Blind  (Mat. 9:27)

Deaf and mute  (Mark 7:7)  (Mat. 9:32)

Paralyzed (Mat. 9:1)  (Mat. 11:9)

Sick  (Mat. 7:5)  (Mat. 8:16)

Demon possessed  (Mat. 17:14)

Jesus brought several people back from the dead.  When Jesus died, many saints were raised from the dead, left their tombs and went into the Holy City. (Mat. 27:51)

He was God’s plan for saving you so you could go to Heaven.  We must be perfect in God’s sight to enter.  Only Jesus’ blood can wash away all our sins.  He was born and crucified for you.  (John 3:16)

He went up to Heaven when He died.  He came back and showed over 500 people that He was still Jesus.  He showed them the nail prints in His hands and feet.  (John 20:27)

He went up into the sky and said that He would return the same way some day.  He said that the believers would be taken up into Heaven and be spared the horrible events in the end times.  (Mat. 24:30)

He said that He was the only way to the Father.  He lived here on earth and walked in the Garden of Eden.  He was with God from the very beginning of time and everything was created through Him.  (John 1:1)

Jesus lives in us, with the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us, to give us strength and to heal us.  He wants to give us His joy and peace so we can bring God’s kingdom here on earth.  He created us and He wants us to be with Him forever in a very special place called Heaven.   (Mat. 6:9 the Lord’s Prayer).  (Luk.23:43 Jesus says to the thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.”)

All the other world religions tell us about God, but Jesus is God.  No one can forgive sins except Jesus.  No other person has ever died and come back and said that they would return to bring them to Heaven with them.  (Luk. 24:44)